rothko chair


The aim of this project was to design a chair for senior people. A chair with great ergonomic and comfort for this customer segment.

For this project I was to design a chair for a private client. I choosed to work with Mervyn Kurlansky a graphic designer. He is in the early 80 now. Found of art, artist like Mark Rothko, Kazimir Malevich and that like, and furnitures from the Bauhaus period. He was very much into a very graphical formlanguages, something I used in my work.

The cushions in the chair came from looking at Mark Rothkos paintings. And by making them removable are they easy to maintain and produce. The choosed to make the frame dark and shape it in hard lines to create a graphical look. The colors are choosen based on the Bauhaus period.

Materials: Smoked oak, textile(wool) from KVADRAT.