Dream Lounge

"I am staring at the sky on a bight night and slowly I am sucked into deep space. Here I meet colossal objects that move around with a hovering ease, while at the same time huge forces are at stake. I forget time and space and are flying away into the infinity".

As the intro text describes, this project started out in deep space. I wanted to explore the unknown, and I wanted to take on a challange as a designer. Sometimes you need to take the leep of faith and do something differently in order to create something new. Thus I didn't know where this project would take me. But I had a gut feeling that something new would arrise.

During my research on our universe, I discovered interesting knowledge and one in particular was how space is bend by objects. Our Sun, the earth and so on. This can be illustrated with a membran made of textile. By pressing your hand into the membran, the membran will warp around your hand. The same happens in space, just we can't see the membran here, since the black matter is invisible to us.

This knowledge lead to an idea for a chair. A chair where the seat is pushed into a membran, and together creats the shape and space of the chair. Without one another the chair just would't exist. I wanted to show the illusion of the seats gravity pulling and shaping the membran, therefor I wanted it to "float". Thus the cantilever base.

Because of the backgroundstory the lounge chair has been named Warp. Here one can let the body sink into the warped membran with absolute great comfort. The chair is rather large, but elegant, light and transparent.

Sponsor: Gabriel and Roskilde Galvanisering A/S