The inspirations for this stacking chair, is gather from old craftmandship. Mainly from how a wooden wheel was assembled by an ironband, or how a barrel was put together with ironbands. I used this tecnic/inspiration to research, test and build a steel band that was to be tighten around a wooden seat, and holding in place, just like the old wheel and barrel was hold in place by the ironbands. The result is a superstacking chair, but a chair with the look we are used to, wood and steel. The frame is attaced to the steelband, and the steelband is holding the seatings in place. By holding the seat in place with the steel band, there is no need of extra support frame underneath the seat. Also another fun fact is, without the seatings in the frame, the frame losens its strenght. Only when the steelband is tighten around a the seat the chaits becomes strong and durable.